Fighting for a Fairer Oxford

I love Oxford and everything it stands for, from openness and tolerance, to innovation and academic excellence. Oxford can do better though.

I'm fighting for a fairer Oxford. An Oxford that helps people rough sleeping, rather than imposes fines on them. An Oxford that stops creating low-paid jobs, while not building affordable places to live in the city. An Oxford that is inside the European Union, not one that isolates itself from its neighbours.

  • More affordable homes in the city, to meet Oxford's housing need. Ending the City Council's focus on retail explansion at the expense of more affordable places to live and bulldozing of affordable homes to make way for luxury flats.

  • Scrap the fines targeted at homeless people and use of powers to remove sleeping bags from those rough sleeping, and invest in the desperately under-funded support services and stable accommodation.

  • Mitigate the impact Brexit and our Labour MP's decision to yank us out of the Single Market and Customs Union will have on Oxford. The Liberal Democrat are the only major party fighting for an exit from Brexit.

I am fighting for a fairer Oxford, with more affordable housing and greater homeless support, campaigning in Jericho and Central Oxford. I was the Liberal Democrat candidate for Carfax in the 2018 Oxford City council elections.

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