Concerns over Oxpens development

Dubbed ‘the next big project’ following the Westgate development, Oxpens is set to cause major disruption to the local area. It has the potential to cause further gridlock to local streets while doing nothing for to fix the city’s affordable housing crisis.

Initial plans show huge commercial and retail expansion, including the demolishing of affordable housing on Osney Lane to make way for yet more office blocks. This follows the bulldozing of affordable homes on Paradise Square to make way for luxury flats in the Westgate development.

Conor McKenzie and the local Liberal Democrats are following the process, fighting for the development to prioritise building genuinely affordable homes and to implement a proper transport strategy to prevent further traffic build-up:

“The City Council has been neglecting its obligation to build more affordable homes in Oxford for far too long and local residents have been paying the price, with major disruption and soaring rents. This ought to give something back to the community and make considerable strides toward addressing the affordable homes crisis.”

Huge developments are also soon to take place at Osney Mead and the rail station - neither with clear affordable housing plans - in addition to the construction of three new hotels.


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