Dodds At Odds - Labour Back Tories on Brexit

Oxford’s Labour MP, Anneliese Dodds, has consistently voted with the Conservative Party on some of the most destructive aspects of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, wilfully aiding and abetting Theresa May’s Hard Brexit.

By voting to leave the Single Market and Customs Union, our economy has been put in jeopardy, creating uncertainty for many local people. There are worries for the future of Oxford University’s research programmes and on the status of the Cowley Mini Plant.

In the last vote of 2017, Labour MPs failed to turn up to vote on a Lib Dem amendment which would have ensured a say on the final Brexit deal, and allow the public to decide their own future.

Commenting, Conor McKenzie said:

“Labour aren’t being honest with people on Brexit. They are playing games and trying to win the support of former UKIP voters.

“This is a low-risk, self-interest strategy that is not just allowing the Tory Brexiteers to run rampant, but is actively supporting them.

“The Liberal Democrats’ position has been clear and consistent. We want an exit from Brexit. We’re fighting for the 48%.”


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