Our place in Europe

Oxford’s Labour MP, Anneliese Dodds, has consistently voted with the Conservative Party on some of the most destructive aspects of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, wilfully aiding and abetting Theresa May’s Hard Brexit.

By voting to leave the Single Market and Customs Union, our economy has been put in jeopardy, creating uncertainty for many local people. There are worries for the future of Oxford University’s research programmes and on the status of the Cowley Mini Plant.

Conor McKenzie Liberal Democrats will fight for our place in Europe:

1. We will call for a referendum on the final Brexit deal, with an option to exit from Brexit. The Liberal Democrats remain firmly in favour of staying within the EU.

2. We will ensure that EU citizens’ futures are not left in limbo, and that their rights are protected. Oxford cannot turn its back on its own citizens at this uncertain time.

3. We will protect schemes like ERASMUS. This way we will ensure that the universities don’t become isolated from the rest of the academic world post-Brexit.

4. We will advocate for membership of both the Single Market and Customs Union. Oxford’s economy relies on these international deals, and we can’t allow them to end.

5. We will fight to protect science and research funding after Brexit. These sectors rely on the EU, and cannot survive under Conserative cuts.

Of Oxfordshire MPs only Liberal Democrat Layla Moran has been consistently in favour of giving the people the final decision on the deal. Liberal Democrat councillors will work hard to mitigate the impacts of Brexit on Oxford — working with employers such as the universities and research firms.

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