Homeless man died 'days after council took away his sleeping bag'

Following the news that a man rough sleeping in Bournemouth died just days after the Borough Council there took away his sleeping bag, the Liberal Democrats have condemned Oxford City Council's use of powers enabling to remove sleeping bags, tents and other belongings from people.

The Liberal Democrats in Oxford have consistently spoken out against this power, which is backed up by court-issued letters threatening £2,500 fines, and would repeal it.

Commenting, Conor McKenzie said:

"This winter a number of people have died rough sleeping in Oxford already. You can put whatever measure you like in place, but you cannot excuse taking away their tents and sleeping bags, no matter what.

"People sleeping rough are still people. Taking away their belongings as Oxford City Council have been doing is just so unacceptable, even just for one night.

"What does it honestly say about Oxford as a city, that their council chooses to remove sleeping bags and tents from people sleeping rough when the consequences can be so life-threatening?"

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