Helping Oxford's Homeless

Helping Oxford's homeless is the reason Conor decided to run for City Council.

We can’t afford to be complacent about Oxford’s homeless crisis. We can’t keep expecting churches and community groups to take most of the burden. We can’t keep blaming other people when we ourselves can do something about it.

The City Council is full of excuses, but stops short of doing nearly enough.

Labour councillors have introduced homeless fines, new powers being used to remove sleeping bags and tents from people rough sleeping. Last year the City Council failed to spend £400,000 of their existing support budget, meanwhile we’re seeing homeless shelters in Oxford closing.

This is unacceptable.

Conor understand Oxford’s housing crisis. Our policy nationally goes further than any other party, building 300,000 homes each year in the UK—three times more than that of Labour—along with at least 10 new Garden Cities.

The Liberal Democrats will take Oxford’s housing crisis seriously and get building genuinely affordable homes in the city. We refuse to accept that Oxford is full up:

1. We will build stable small unit accommodation to get people off the streets and into stable living. This has been proven to work, and gives control of their lives back to the people who need it most.

2. We will put more money into support services, including counselling and mental health support. Homelessness is more often caused by mental health issues, not poverty, and it’s time we addressed this.

3. We will end the fines targeted at people sleeping rough and the use of powers to confiscate their bedding. Only compassionate solutions will end Oxford’s homelessness crisis.

4. We will build vastly more genuinely affordable and social homes in Oxford. This will help people get back onto the housing ladder where they have fallen off in the past.

5. We will increase provision of showers, storage facilities, and warm clothing for people sleeping rough, as well as the availability of essentials like sanitary items and razors. Being homeless does not mean being without dignity.

We believe that these solutions will offer a more compassionate and helpful alternative to what is currently being pursued by the Labour council, which has instead chosen to act callously against homeless people.

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