LOCAL PLAN: We need to get the balance right

Local Liberal Democrats have continued to call for a much greater focus on building much needed affordable homes in Oxford to address the housing crisis we have in our city.

Despite Oxford’s near ‘full employment’ and dire housing crisis, Labour councillors have instead favoured greater business and employment expansion in their Local Plan, which sets out the city’s housing, employment and infrastructure up to 2036.

Liberal Democrats have been successful in ensuring the Local Plan relaxes density and height restrictions, allowing for a greater quantity and mix of housing in Oxford.

Commenting, local resident and campaigner, Conor McKenzie, said:
“Getting Oxford’s Local Plan right is hugely important. It will determine what our city looks like for generations.

“If we don’t use it to radically address Oxford’s housing crisis, we will lose our chance to do so for nearly two decades.

“Oxford has seen a huge increase in business and employment growth over the last twenty years, ceding swathes of land which would have been perfect for thousands of new homes, or even mixed use combining both housing and employment - particularly around the Cowley Business Park.

“We are in dire need of affordable places to rent and buy, otherwise we will see families, talent and key service workers squeezed out.

“Finally, we should be looking at introducing an ‘Oxford Affordable’ rating, ensuring that ‘affordable homes’ are actually affordable.”


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