No Affordable Homes Again

A new £50 million housing development, which includes £16 million of local taxpayers’ money, is set to begin soon with absolutely no affordable homes planned.

The developer has said that they ‘aspire’ for 25% to be affordable homes but hasn’t made any clear commitments to how or whether they will actually deliver this. This is despite City Council policy outlining that 50% should be affordable.

This is not uncommon for Labour-run council, which has bulldozed affordable homes to make way for retail expansion and luxury flats.

Commenting, Conor McKenzie said:

“When 10 new jobs are being created for every new home, this level of economic expansion is making living in the city impossible, squeezing those on lower incomes out altogether.

“It’s about time we made “affordable” genuinely affordable, and emphasised building far more.”


Photo Credit: Oxford North

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