Record High Levels of Rough Sleeping in Oxford

Government figures released today have shown that Oxford has hit record high levels of rough sleeping, up by a huge 85% with a headcount of 61 people sleeping rough in 2017, compared with 33 people in 2016

This is compared to an average increase of 15% nationally and 24% in the South East of England.

In 2010 the number of people rough sleeping in Oxford was 11 and in 2011 it was 8 people.

Commenting, Conor McKenzie said:
"The City Council have a lot to answer for. They have consistently tried to shift the blame on this matter, but what we can see is Oxford is far, far worse than the national and regional averages.

"Rather than coming up with concrete solutions to this complicated issue, they seem to have been far more focused on punitive measures such as removing sleeping bags and introducing new fines which almost exclusively affect those homeless and rough sleeping.

"We need vastly greater homeless support service funding and to get serious about tackling the dire lack of affordable and social housing in Oxford, to prevent people from becoming homeless and helping those who are to get into a stable residence."

Click here to see our plan to help Oxford's homeless



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