Time for Secure Cycle Parking in Jericho

Speaking to local residents recently, a large number have shared a range of issues and ideas on cycling. By far the top concern has been issues surrounding cycle parking.

Whether it's the worry that your bike will be stolen or the frustration with bikes blocking narrow pavements, it's clearly a big one for Jericho residents in particular.

One idea that I have seen to work particularly well elsewhere is the idea of 'cycle hangers'. These are secure cycle-parking boxes for residents that can fit multiple bikes in them, available with an affordable subscription fee.

I'm personally really interested in this idea. It will go a long way to solving the issue of blocked pavements in some streets -- an unfortunate necessity for many due to no garden space -- while also tackling bicycle theft which is by far the highest specific type of crime in Oxford.

With this in mind, the team and I are looking seriously into launching a campaign to introduce safe cycle boxes in Jericho and Oxford more widely, but I first wanted to hear your opinions. Please fill in our quick, local survey:



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