Thank You!

At the local elections on the Thursday 3rd May, Conor McKenzie and the Liberal Democrats gained a strong second place, just 83 votes short of winning.

Conor ran a forward-looking campaign focused on helping Oxford’s homeless, building more affordable homes, and making our streets safer and cleaner. Across Oxford, the Liberal Democrats offered fresh ideas for making our city a better, fairer place to live.

Commenting, local campaigner Conor McKenzie said:“I am so grateful for the warm reception from local residents during the local elections.

“I have been very happy to help people with their concerns and will continue to do what I can, fighting to make our area a better place to live and to the situation better for those left behind in society.”

Labour have strengthened their grip on the council, holding 75% of seats after taking seats from the Greens, despite winning less than 50% of the votes.

The Liberal Democrats had a good night in Oxford, increasing our vote share across Oxford; gaining a seat from Labour and also coming close in neighbouring wards, Holywell and North. Across the county, they held all five seats they were defending and gained a further five, doubling their seats.


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