Westgate Mess - No Affordable Homes

While the Westgate development has had some benefits, it has also brought many issues as well, not least with greatly increased traffic as a result of its new 1,000 capacity car park.

What’s more, the development has also come with absolutely no affordable homes, despite a prior commitment of at least 50% being affordable. Instead, they have built 59 luxury flats.

Commenting, local campaigner Conor McKenzie said:

“Liberal Democrats have expressed concerns from the start. It’s not good enough to have a development this big and neglect so much – many residents have been very disappointed.

“The council should be learning the lessons of this project and compensating residents, instead they’re just rushing into the next.

“With the Oxpens development starting shortly, the focus must be on delivering affordable homes with a proper transport strategy.

“Residents are fed up with ego-driven projects that just cause disruption and fail to address Oxford’s ongoing issues.

“With many Westgate shops claiming they’re unable to fill the positions they currently have, it’s clear we just do not need any further retail property with low-paid jobs in central Oxford.

“Labour must get its act together and designate the Oxpens development as a predominately affordable homes site, ditching their plans for yet more shops and restaurants.”

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