Zero Emissions Zone Shambles

Labour councillors have failed at the first hurdle in their implementation of a Zero Emissions Zone (ZEZ). It was due to come into effect next year but has now been considerably pushed back.

Real enforcement won’t likely take place until 2035, however that is uncertain as the Council’s rhetoric has changed from certainty to ‘could’.

Bizarrely, Labour councillors have tried to downplay this shambles by claiming from 2020 there will now be parking restrictions on the area which includes Queen, Cornmarket and Turl Streets - an area which has little to no parking.

Much of the restrictions will only affect the loading of HGVs serving the shops, however this is likely to take place outside of the core hours

Commenting, local campaigner Conor McKenzie said:
“This is a real mess. Lib Dems have been highlighting considerable problems relating to businesses and local resident and students moving in/out each term.

“We should be looking into better, robust solutions to address the serious air pollution issues right across Oxford, looking seriously at the possibility of a congestion charge. We also need to be incentivising people to swap the car for a bike, public transport, or walking - always respectful of those with disability.”


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